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Grid market participants today are faced with a Brave New Grid, disrupted by extreme weather events, massive renewables deployments, and fluctuating consumption patterns caused by electric vehicles, storage, and distributed generation. Market players need to adapt to this new energy reality as quickly as possible. We formed Amperon to build the brain of the smart grid, powering real time operational analytics wherever electricity flows.

Building accurate, dynamic forecasting models with smart meter data requires deep expertise in power markets, data science, and meteorology. With an experienced team that brings both depth and breadth to forecasting innovation, Amperon is a powerful solution for electricity providers adapting to a new, volatile grid paradigm.


Abe Stanway

Abe Stanway

Co-Founder, CTO

Abe sold his first company, Hacker League, to Intel. His work has since spanned a variety of top engineering and data science teams, including roles at Etsy, Planet Labs, and McKinsey; he's worked on large scale timeseries anomaly detection systems, telemetry platforms for low earth orbit satellites, insider-trading detection systems, and much more — all at the confluence of real-time machine learning on massive datasets. He's published AI papers in several venues including ICML and WSDM. He was a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree in the Energy category for 2020.

Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly

Co-Founder, CEO

Sean has been trading global power markets since 2005, working for Tenaska, Lehman, EDF, E.On, as well as several family offices and prop shops. At EDF, he led the transition of two nuclear plants (Nine Mile and Ginna) into the NYISO market. At E.On, he set up its North American trading desk. After he left trading full time, he cofounded Bridge Power Consulting, which counted over a hundred commercial accounts as energy management clients.


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